Shiny days with skies clear,
Humming birds with blooming flower,
Spring oozes all over the nature,
As winter recedes bit by bit;

In an attire of newly wedded bride,
With orange red flowers of Palash,
The onset of summer starts peeping
Through palash’s flame like appearance;

Thus spring act as the bridge,
Between winter and summer,
Through the celebration of Holi,
With the colours of love and brotherhood;

Our mind is also like spring,
Acting as the bridge between
Wintery ice like physical body
And evaporated vapour like soul;

But we are caught up in
Eclectic colours of mind,
Joy and sorrow;
Love and Hatred;
Anger and guilt;

Thus we are lost in
Our inner spring for forever,
With perverted illusive colours,
Away from our colourless existence.

Copyright@Bijay Show, 12-03-2017



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