Inner Journey

Dwell within to see life without,
Turn inward to gain insight,
Listen inner voice to perceive,
Drop self to reach beyond.



Published in Tuck Magazine




If tones of melancholy shroud you,

Know kingdom of heart is nearby;


If humming bees surround you,

Know garden of flowers is nearby;


If night’s darkness worries you,

Know breaking of dawn is nearby;


If smokes of failure cloud you,

Know way to success is nearby;


If oozing sadness drowns you,

Know fountain of joy is nearby.



Shiny days with skies clear,
Humming birds with blooming flower,
Spring oozes all over the nature,
As winter recedes bit by bit;

In an attire of newly wedded bride,
With orange red flowers of Palash,
The onset of summer starts peeping
Through palash’s flame like appearance;

Thus spring act as the bridge,
Between winter and summer,
Through the celebration of Holi,
With the colours of love and brotherhood;

Our mind is also like spring,
Acting as the bridge between
Wintery ice like physical body
And evaporated vapour like soul;

But we are caught up in
Eclectic colours of mind,
Joy and sorrow;
Love and Hatred;
Anger and guilt;

Thus we are lost in
Our inner spring for forever,
With perverted illusive colours,
Away from our colourless existence.

Copyright@Bijay Show, 12-03-2017